Profiles Sales Assessment


Let’s Assume:

  • A company has 10 sales people.
  • Each sales person earns $40,000 salary per year.

According to the 80/20 rule, 2 of the sales people are responsible for 80% of the total sales. The other 8 sales people produce only 20% of the sales.

Let’s be conservative and say it would take 6 top sales people to perform as well as the current 10 sales people.

Saving the salaries of 4 people at $40,000 each annually, would save the organization $160,000 per year.

The investment of 18 Profiles Sales Assessments, after benchmarking the position, to pick the top performing 6 people would cost approximately $4,500.

Return On Investment (ROI) = $160,000 / $4,500 = 3,560% !!!

That’s over 30 times return on the investment EACH YEAR!

This is why so many organizations are using Profiles Sales Assessment (PSA).