Preparing for Success in 2016


Another year has come and gone. With the New Year means reevaluating goals, improving upon your process and procedures and setting yourself up for a successful 2016. One key component to that success includes being a proactive planner in regards to staffing for the entire year. Human resources “fires” take up a large chunk of your time, resources and energy. Hiring smarter will help resolve many of those issues and allow you to focus on other important areas and issues within your company.


The first step to honor your New Year’s solution is to avoid reactive hiring. What’s that? That’s what happens when your business has a sudden influx of work (whether you’ve taken on a large new client or seasonal changes) or a large number of employees have left unexpectedly. Never scramble to hire the first applicant. Instead, anticipate potential business issues and hire in advance to stay ahead of the curve.

At, as our company objective states, putting the right people in the right roles is extremely important. This helps ensure that your company will function better and can put its focus on what matters most: being productive and profitable.


Finally, focus on job strength, job growth and job satisfaction when hiring. When you put employees in the right job that they will be able to grow and learn, they are more likely to stay with your company longer. To help you succeed in 2016, consider employee assessment tools and HR support from We can help you acquire better hires, increased sales, reduced turnover, improved customer relations and increased productivity.

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If you own or manage a business, you know that a successful company starts and ends with good, solid employees. In many cases, your staff is the face and voice of your business. They are answering the phones, working the service desks, stocking the shelves and performing the labor; they are on the front lines every day interacting with your clientele. Hiring the right employees to do the right job is paramount to your company’s success. You want positive, self-motived and hardworking team members who are going to care as much about your business and the customers as you do.

When it comes time to fulfill a vacant position or take on additional staff, looking for some of these key treats in the ideal employee will help you make the right decision on the right person for the job and the right fit in your company.


Action-oriented employees – Employees who take action and take chances have the potential to earn your company more money than stagnant ones.


Ambitious – Ambition makes a company innovative, spawns creative ideas and generates success.


Independent – You have your own work tasks, you need an employee who can get the job done without lots of hand-holding.


Leader – If there role is to manage others, you want a natural leader who can take charge and be a positive influence in the workplace.


Hard working – Task oriented employees who are passionate about what they do will help make your business successful.


For assistance in hiring, employee retention, job enhancement and automotive human resource tools, call on the experts at In business for 16 years, we are dedicated to helping you select and develop the right staff for your business.

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Filling a job with the right person is the ultimate goal; but it can also be a major challenge. It’s important to the success of your business to have the right people in the right jobs at the right time to achieve maximum success and results.


Hiring a qualified employee who fits a job perfectly and who will thrive and succeed in that role can have a huge impact on the client/customer experience. The hiring process is a tricky one that requires patience and great attention to detail in order to match up the right candidate with the right position. Don’t go it alone; if you’re in the automotive industry, is the only source you need for job placement, training and employee assessment tools.


Founded in 1989, we have served several thousand automotive industry clients, from automotive franchises, dealerships, consolidators, body shops and more in both the United States and Canada. Our tools are valuable human resource assistance that help you to find, train and coach current and prospective associates.


An unqualified, inefficient employee costs you money in the short and long term. Assessment tools and HR support from allow you the achieve better hires, increased sales, reduced turnover, improved customer relations and increased productivity. Does that sound like something that interests you? Contact us today and learn more about how we can you place the right people in the right jobs and improve your customer’s service experience.


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